Kim McKee         Harper

WynsomForge Music - Kim McKee

Private and group lessons on:

Mountain dulcimer (past National Champion)

Hammer dulcimer

Lever harp

Group singing

Group ceilidh dancing (Irish/Scottish)


Traditional Celtic poetry – songwriting

Kim McKee has shared music professionally for 30 years.  With her husband Ken Willson (Willson & McKee) they have toured full time both in the United States and the U.K.

Kim plays multiple instruments, having won a National Championship, as well as composes fine songs which have won awards in Ireland, Scotland and the U.S.

Her harp was created by the Internationally known John (Jack) Yule, of Scotland.  It is made of Scottish sycamore, and strung with custom made gut strings.

The model is a "Raven", with a very old soul, and a mythical 'eye' of Whitby Jet and mastodon tusk.

Sharing the rich soundscapes of this instrument to the atmosphere of gatherings, events and facilities, is an important part of her continued musical journey.  Two hours of memorizing music (soothing but not sleepy time) both traditional and original, is sure to bring a depth of experience to any event.  

The Raven is equipped with high quality electronic pick-ups and  Kim brings her own professional sound system for larger venues.

YouTube videos below, full performance resume, and more tracks available upon request.

Please contact at:
or call:  719-640-5380