Library and Informance


Multiple programs to choose from, including: 

'Where the Songs were born',

 'Storytelling from the folk traditions',

 'history of our instruments', 

and MORE!


Where the songs come from

 This is an entertaining and facinating look at where

the Celtic songs we play come from in the world...a

multi-media production with live music!

The tradition of 'piping in' any gathering is brought to your audience
with the Great Highland Bagpipe. Not your normal opening for a library event!
Once everyone is awake, on to song performances that include the history of
the songs and a multi-media slide show of the areas in the British Isles they were 'born in'.
In depth background on the varied instruments played round out the experience.

A family friendly story or two from the rich Gaelic traditions of Scotland
and Ireland with a peat fire crackling and burning brightly on the screen,
sets the mood to transport listeners to a stone cottage in the highlands.

A few more songs and tunes and then....(drum roll).....Kim gives everyone a
chance to learn a Ceilidh (Kaylee) dance from the auld country ...always big fun!
These are family friendly as well, focusing on intergenerational sharing and laughter.
It doesn't take much room, and even those who chose not to dance will be
heartily lifted in spirit clapping along and toe tapping!

These programs are sculpted to fit each library, so let us know what format
works best for your programming. From a night of sea chanteys to the history
of the kilt and wool waulking, we can offer the best in folklore... connecting
the dots of music, story, dance, geography, myths, and the rich and
mystical heritage of our ancestors!

Kids Music and Storytelling Time

Bagpipes, Harp, Accordion, Songs and Amazing Stories fill the hour!!

Kids (and parents) love this exciting program filled

with fun and information.

Learning a culture through it's music and stories!


 Kids Love Stories!!!

Ken and Kim are both accomplished storytellers

and will take the children on a voyage of imagination!

We Bring the Sound equipment and fun and you supply the space and a projector

Fee - We make it reasonable!

Willson & McKee are committed to educational performances

                      We will try to make it affordable for your library/venue

                      Our performances are under a 501 c3 status = Tax credits

                      Block book with Libraries in your area = less cost to all

                      If you don't have a budget we can find grants to help.

If you have never done anything like this, I hope that this

opportunity may move you to begin programming for your

community. We believe that our Libraries are becoming

the source for continuing education and involvement

for all sizes of communities!

Contact Me and we can talk about it:

Ken Willson, 719.738.2602 home,

(if our home message says we are on the road please call:

call: 719.640.5380

use the form below to ask us questions: